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Software Developer and Bootcamp Instructor

Engineering|Full Time

About TechUp

TechUp is an online coding school that runs bootcamps (i.e. short-term intensive coding courses) for individuals who want to start a career as a software developer or software engineer. By broadening access to tech careers and high-quality jobs, we strengthen social and economic mobility in Thailand while also accelerating the country’s digital transformation. Our online bootcamps target people with no prior programming experience; take them through 4 months of full-time, intensive training in tech skills, soft skills, career skills, and English skills; and connect them with job opportunities at our employer partners. To minimize financial barriers, we offer our students the option of paying tuition fees only after they have successfully secured a job. We recently graduated the second cohort of our bootcamp with 30 students (2X the size of our first cohort), and plan to grow significantly over 2023-2024 given strong demand from both prospective students and employers. We also plan to build a coding learning platform to serve the broader market outside of our bootcamps.

Role scope

We are seeking an experienced software engineer who is passionate about social impact to serve in two synergistic roles at TechUp: Software Developer and Instructional Coach. The percentage time allocation across these two roles will be approximately 50-50. As Software Developer, the person will build a world-class coding learning platform and bootcamp management software as part of our software development team. As Instructional Coach, they will also use their technical expertise to teach and coach our students through TechUp bootcamps. Key tasks will include:

  • Software Developer role

    • Build a coding learning platform and bootcamp management software using latest software development technologies, including TypeScript, React, NestJS, etc.
    • Continuously improve the software design and architecture to produce the best possible experience for learners and the teaching team
    • Mentor junior members of the software development team
  • Instructional Coach role

    • Lead bootcamp classes and coach students to develop the skills needed to become a high-quality junior software developer
    • Manage and coach assistant instructors
    • Serve as Engineering Manager and Scrum Master for student final projects
    • Collaborate with our Learning Program Manager to continuously improve thelearning experience for our students

Benefits of the role

  • Be part of a mission-driven team that is pioneering a new model of talent development for Thailand’s tech ecosystem, and working to make opportunities more equal in our country
  • Opportunity to build Thailand’s first interactive coding learning platform, with automated real-time feedback features that provides an engaging learning experience for users
  • Strengthen your communication and team management skills by leading cohorts of bootcamp students to achieve successful learning and career outcomes
  • Biweekly 1-1 coaching and feedback with our Lead Instructor / Lead Engineer (ex-LMWN)
  • Competitive salary starting at 50,000-80,000 baht (depending on experience)
  • Outpatient care health insurance for full-time role, including telehealth service

Required attributes

  • High-performing software developer with solid software development fundamentals and experience in web technologies including TypeScript, React, and NestJS
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience developing performance-critical applications that run on production environments
  • A strong interest in giving back to society and creating opportunities for others
  • Strong communication skills in Thai
  • Highly coachable and able to receive and incorporate feedback regularly
  • Experience working in a fast-changing or startup environment is a plus, but not required
  • Experience in mentoring and coaching junior team members is a plus, but not required

This role may NOT be a good fit if you:

  • Do not have a strong interest in creating positive social impact through your work;
  • Prefer working alone rather than as part of a team;
  • Feel uncomfortable with the idea of collaborating and empathizing with people of diverse backgrounds;
  • Find it challenging to receive and incorporate constructive feedback.

To apply, please submit your application at this link. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us at team@techupth.com

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