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Software Development Coach

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About TechUp

TechUp is an online coding school that runs bootcamps (i.e. short-term intensive coding courses) for individuals who want to start a career as a software developer or software engineer. By broadening access to tech careers and high-quality jobs, we strengthen social and economic mobility in Thailand while also accelerating the country’s digital transformation. In 2022, we launched our first Full-Stack Software Development bootcamps—these are 4-month, full-time, online bootcamps that target people with no prior programming experience. At the end of the bootcamps, we connect our graduates with job opportunities at our employer partners. In 2023, we will be launching part-time bootcamps to serve the needs of aspiring career switchers who are working full-time jobs.

Role scope

We are seeking software developers to serve as coaches in our part-time bootcamps. Ideal candidates should have at least 1 year of experience working as a software developer or software engineer, and be excellent communicators. The role’s key mission will be to coach our part-time students to improve their technical skills throughout the bootcamp, ultimately helping them to secure a tech career at the end of the course. Key tasks will include:

  • Coaching students in 2-hour live online sessions, twice a week (one evening session during the week, and one morning session on a weekend)
  • Preparing for these sessions by reviewing course materials, assignments, and pre-submitted student questions
  • Attending a weekly 1-hour sync meeting with the rest of the teaching team

Benefits of the role

  • Be part of a mission-driven team that is pioneering a new model of talent development for Thailand’s tech ecosystem, and working to make opportunities more equal in our country
  • Opportunity to sharpen your technical understanding and communication of key software development concepts
  • Strengthen your coaching and management skills—important attributes in your journey to become a manager-level developer or engineer
  • Compensation of 4,000 baht per week (approximately 16,000 baht per month)

Required attributes

  • High-performing software developer with at least 1 year’s experience in web technologies including HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React, and Git
  • Strong technical communication skills in Thai
  • Experience in teaching/coaching is a big plus
  • Highly coachable and able to receive and incorporate feedback regularly

This role may NOT be a good fit if you:

  • Prefer working alone rather than as part of a team;
  • Feel uncomfortable with the idea of interacting and empathizing with people of diverse backgrounds;
  • Find it challenging to receive and incorporate constructive feedback.

To apply, please submit your application at this link. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us at team@techupth.com.

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